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Značka: Mistral
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oplachteni mistral rig pro vsechnz velikosti 65 karlin shop
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Oplachtění od legendární značky Mistral se 4-dílným stěžněm.

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We have designed a super convenient and easy way in which to cover your Santa Anna inflatable or Fiji and Levu Soft Top board into a WindSUP option, replacing paddle power with wind power. Santa Anna boards are supplied with a unique mast base plate into which you can fit you own mast foot and rig or opt for our bespoke Mistral Rig, beginning with out 5.0m sail, rig and bag complete with all you need to get started.


Within your 5.0m rigging bag, we provide all you need to easily rig up and go, bringing a new element of fun and versatility to your original board purchased. Designed in matching Mistral colours, the rig is lightweight and perfectly balanced in terms of performance requirements of your Santa Anna; also matches perfectly to our Fiji and Levu soft top epoxy boards. Created for winds up to 20knot max, the convenience of ownership become obvious from the moment you begin the rigging process.


Classic 5.0 Rigging Bag
Includes 2 piece adjustable boom (fits both our 4.5m and 3.0m sails), mast foot, mast extension, 4 piece carbon / GRP mast, uphaul.

Optional Sails
4.5m and 3.0m (for the 3.0m, simply remove number 3 mast section, mast head cup and adjuster included on sail for ease of adjustment and fitment).

Boom adjusts to fit all three sail sizes (5.0, 4.5 and 3.0)

Regatta 6.5m
2 piece adjustable boom, mast foot, mast extension, 4 piece carbon / GRP mast, uphaull. Features, heavier duty construction which includes 29mm diametre boom and mast has higher percentage of carbon for improved stiffness and performance. This rig suits in particular the 12’6 Santa Anna, heavier sailors and those who wish to sail in higher wind strengths.

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Legendární značka windsurfových plováků, která doslova \"tvořila\" historii tohoto sportu

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